Breaking News: WWE Star Out Indefinitely

8 Jun

As I stated when I started “Cory Unfiltered” this is mainly a football blog. But also I stated I would have professional wrestling thoughts and breaking news from time to time. Like when I broke that the 2012 Royal Rumble would take place in St.Louis months before the WWE made the announcement.

Now I have more breaking news that none of the dirt sheets, none of the insider wrestling websites know or have reported.

According to a source very close to the situation, I can confirm that WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio suffered what is being told to me as a “serious concussion” at the company’s Smackdown Tapings on Tuesday June 5th. Kane had to replace Del Rio in the “dark match” main event against Sheamus in a Steel Cage. Kane has replaced Del Rio on the Smackdown house shows for the next week against Sheamus. As of right now there are many high ranking figures in the WWE that do not believe Del Rio will receive medical clearance for June 17th, the date of the WWE Pay-Per-View “No Way Out” in which Del Rio is scheduled to wrestle Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. There is¬†contingency plans being discussed as to who would replace Del Rio at No Way Out, including pulling Kane from the WWE Championship triple threat match against WWE Champion C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan and placing Kane in a World Heavyweight Championship match with Sheamus. Other plans are to hold a Battle Royal or a “Beat the Clock” series at the June 11th Smackdown tapings to determine Sheamus’ opponent at No Way Out. Word is that VinceMcMahon and Triple H are becoming worried that Alberto Del Rio can not be relied due to injury concerns and is being compared to “Mr.Kennedy” (TNA’s Mr.Anderson) backstage.

Cory Radford

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  1. James 08. Jun, 2012 9:39 pm #

    is this true? cause I went to several other sites and noone is reporting this…

    • Cory Radford 09. Jun, 2012 11:10 am #

      Yes, this is 100% true. I sent along word to the major sites mid-week, but none of them cose to report it. I got word Wednesday about it and waited until Friday to report it. I guess as soon as some Smackdown House Show reports start coming back, the major sites will figure out that what I have reported is correct.

  2. ben 10. Jun, 2012 1:09 pm #

    Or they could have Kane pull a double at no way out and win both titles to reveal the new wwe title belt and go back to just one undisputed champion.

    • Cory Radford 10. Jun, 2012 8:03 pm #

      Word is Vince is extremely worried about low television ratings. So I doubt Kane would be the guy to unify the titles. If someone does unify the titles, it will be a big name like Undertaker, Rock, or Lesnar. Or a young guy that needs the rub like Wade Barrett.

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